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Fruit Juice Powder

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Instant Coconut Powder

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Instant Coconut Powder

Latin Name: Coconut Powder

Nutrition Ingredient: amino acids

Part used: Juice

Preservation Process:Spraying

Extract solvents:Ethanol & water

Test Method: TLC

Particle Size: 100% pass 80 mesh

Quality Standard: CN Standard

Origin: China

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Manufacturing Flow Chart:


1.Enhance the function of spleen and stomach
2. Drive out tapeworm
3. Induce diuresis for removing edema


1.Relieve constipation,suitable for the people who are sitting for long time.

2.Bakery : Bread and Cakes.

3. Snacks : Extruded, sheeted snacks , nuts, popcorn and potato chips.

4. Ice Cream and Ice lolly

5. Beverage, Dairy products and Yoghurt. Added to wine, coffee, cold water and other drinks.

6. Confectionary : Hard /Soft and Jelly Candies

7. Instant Noodles / Soup

8.Food service seasoning, such as used with chicken,rice and fish.

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